Monday, September 27, 2010

MSN also has "never gone" fixed base

Before the msn group also provides a similar function, but it is not QQ can be permanently established as a fixed group. There is finally the establishment of a fixed group of robots, and is the official!

First, the establishment of a fixed group of their own when the group master

In the MSN Messenger or Live Messenger, click "Contacts 鈫?Add Contacts", then the provision of services to the small group I Robot ( Add to MSN friends, add to the links after the successful the list of people find this nickname for the "group of customer service," a small robot and double-click the I, in the open and "customer base" of the dialog box will see digital information.

Follow the prompts to information, enter "1" and as the message sent to the "group of customer service," created after the cluster wizard will start. Will see later, an invitation prompt, just click "accept" key at this time "customer group" new group will start the registration wizard, follow the wizard prompts in the window to enter the correct registration information, in this group from time to time registered two methods, one is automatically assigned to group accounts, the other is hand-registered group accounts. If you want to apply for an individual's group accounts, group accounts need to manually register, is to open in the browser page to register a Live Messenger account, then use the Live Messenger account to register the group. In order to avoid complicated to simple, suggest that you still use the system to automatically assign account of the method to apply.

Second, a key to start

Open the MSN, in the contact list to find the group just created and double-click to open, and then click MSN splash screen vibration button and click on the following "acceptable" after the group start function. In the right window can be achieved through the corresponding button to add contacts (need to be added to add a contact to accept invitation), set group of data and information, set the administrator so.

3. The same as the QQ chat group

New group and add a contact, you can group the contacts and chat. If the group of contacts in the group issued a public message in your msn will receive a message from the group, if the other party directly to you through a message function to send the message, it achieved the equivalent of using group one to one chat. If you want to participate in group chat and post group messages, first found in the contact list and double-click the group, and then click the "splash screen vibration" button to start a group chat, then send messages directly, the message will be sent to the group All the contacts within, if you want to contact a specific message, as long as the group's contacts within the contact list by clicking the appropriate nickname in the small window that pops up enter the messages in. (See Figure 1)

If you are a group of owners, do not want to use the group, just kicked out all of the friends group, then you can then exit the group. If you participate in the establishment of a group of people in the group want to quit, as long as the group chat window, click on the "members" button, then click on "Exit group" button. If you are adding to the other group after the group do not want to withdraw from the case, you can block MSN chat window button to temporarily shield base to send the message, so you can temporarily shield after operation in the contact group is sent to you message.

I use this little robot group is simple, just apply for a group, then you can add contacts come in, but do not QQ group can double-click the group from the contact list to start the chat, it needs to " Nudges "button to start the group function before they can take the initiative to send group messages. If you wish to talk like QQ and MSN contacts as chat groups, might also add a fixed their MSN group now!


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